During last month of November our President and Secretary General went to Tokyo – Japan to receive the credential of WKSF as official member of TAFISA and participate on TAFISA Congress / General Assembly as member and vote for future of this amazing organization.

TAFISA is an organization to promote physical activity, health and culture of all nations and non-Olympic sports . Trying to promote  a healthy.


After Pandemic situation during 2020, all competitions of WKSF were cancelled, postponed or transferred to an Online format. During 2020, WKSF created several online competitions and supported our members to keep all athletes training and being health.

One of great events that WKSF was waiting in 2020 was TAFISA WORLD GAMES 2020 to be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. During this year, the information was to postpone games to June 2021. WKSF was accepted to participate on this event with a competition and receive all delegations and athletes for 2 main competitions; TAFISA WORLD GAMES & WKSF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021.

Unfortunately, during second week of April 2021, TAFISA announced that will transform the World Games in a VIRTUAL event and do not receive any delegation, athlete or organization in Lisbon. Justifying that Portuguese government and city hall decided to cancel during summer of 2021 all festivals in Lisbon, will not be possible to go forward with TAFISA event.

Having 2 consecutive years without any presencial event is a big concern to WKSF. Being always checking the WHO guidelines, trying to understand the Pandemic situation in each continent and country, the WKSF Direction have 2 options to bring a presencial event to all delegations.

  1. Move World Championship to European Championship to be hosted in Sweden on last quarter of 2021.
  2. Host in Italy during month of July

After consulting all WKSF Direction Members and also Executive Committee, it was decided to host the World Championship 2021 in Italy, during 16-18 of July in Vanzaghello (Milan).

Our Italian Representative will host, as in 2018, the WC2021 and following all health care, city hall, governamental and WHO guidelines will have several protocols to host all delegations and receive all athletes.

During next times will be prepared all specific guidelines for all delegations. Having all permissions the event will run until any governamental information.

Please, contact WKSF Secretary for any add information and download the official WC2021 Application at WKSF – OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION – 2021

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