General Regulations

Anti-Doping control is part of the competition and can be performed in any event. According to the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), anti-doping control can be performed on any competition and training period.

  • Anti-Doping control is carried out in pre-arranged spaces that are suitable for accommodating athletes who have the adequate number of baths for men and women and who respect the principles of personal privacy.
  • The number of athletes to be subjected to anti-doping control is determined by the jury, which is obliged to athletes involved in oral or written form.
  • Alerting the athletes, they  must present themselves in the area of biological sampling immediately after them performance in the competition. If the athlete does not show or refuses to be tested, the outcome of his or her check is identified as POSITIVE.
  • Sampling must be carried out accompanying the athlete in an isolated bathroom, following the WADA guidelines:
  • Athletes provide the sample (urine or blood) in a special, naked container, in the presence of the authorized representative of the anti-doping control (from laboratory or WKSF Anti-Doping Commission).
  • The anti-doping control officer must be of the same sex as the athlete.
  • The duty of anti-doping control must monitor the urine flow from the athlete’s genitalia to the container, which must be filled and signed by the agent and the athlete, to be sent to the laboratory.
  • At the time of the withdrawal, team representatives, coaches and doctors may be present in the area but not in the bath where the drainage takes place.
  • Media cannot be present in the control area.
  • The use of substances prohibited by WADA and the refusal to be tested, in accordance with federal provisions, makes disciplinary sanctions possible in the form of payment of money and prohibition of participation in tenders for a definite period of time (disqualification), possibly even to life.
  • The sanctioned athlete is obliged to pay what is required and to cover the costs of anti-doping control in the event of a positive test result. Expenses, in other cases, are incurred by WKSF.
  • After the final outcome of the check, the Federation has the right to report the athlete’s violation
    of anti-doping rules to the media and the public.

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