Support for all

EDUCATION is one of the most important requirements to be on sport and the WKSF could not forget it. All our representatives receives all information released by WKSF and all news from the global sport community about new international guidelines that affects the WKSF as country conflicts decisions by the IOC, important and new information from the WADA, several challenges from our partners, as the “TAFISA – Walking Day” and all WKSF informations, as: new regulations approved, new information released by the WKSF Board Direction and/or Executive Committee and all our new goals are shared with our community, at our social media networks, website and directly to our official representatives, the WKSF is very strict on it and believes that all our members must be information, must have the high level of knowledge in several requirements.


What can WKSF do?

All our representative members, team leaders, coaches, athletes and judges must be aware from all Anti-Doping Regulations and be informed by the importance of knowing the policy, regulations, requirements and all steps of the Anti-Doping Control Tests.

The WKSF shares with all community of Kettlebell Sport and not only the people from our community try to ask to involve the family, specially the athletes doctors, family and friends, to know the requirements to be an athlete of Kettlebell Sport and do not compromise the carrier from the lack of knowledge.  The WKSF take cares of all our community and try to support all sharing the importance of knowing the regulations of the WADA and the process, details, rights and duties of all.



The WKSF started in 2023 using the WADA platform ADEL to certify persons on WADA Anti-Doping. It is the Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform

“If you’re an athlete, coach, parent, medical professional or play another role in supporting athletes then we have education programs for you. And if you’re an anti-doping practitioner we have learning opportunities and resources for you too. So, whether you’re here to get educated or to find resources to help you develop your anti-doping programs, ADEL can help.”