Support for all

The WKSF is committed to have a better and healthy world. Several activities non-profit are requested to organize an official event and also to participate in all WKSF activities or in any partner of WKSF. Schools, universities, senior universities, elderly centers and institutions for disabilities are all invited to be at any event.

Mobilize the Community

From All and to All

To share, is one of the biggest goals of WKSF. Against ancient concepts at Kettlebell Sport, where the lack of communication (official language of our sport was the russian), the communication between members and the organizations were completed broken and the barrier between cultures was struggling the sport, the WKSF was a fresh air to all community. Starting from the acception of personalities all over the world to be part our our organizations, since athletes, coaches and personalities of our sport, the WKSF always understood that TO SHARE is the main point of the equation.

With the Values From All & To All and working with great partners, as TAFISA, the WKSF is committed to bring inside our community all society. Inside the project Sport For All, the WKSF share with each event/member and those hosting a World or Continental event, the request (mandatory) to schedule and invite 2 organization from the city community. A school/university and a disabled institution where all can go to the venue and be received for members of WKSF Commissions to explain what is a Kettlebell and the beneficts for a healthy physical activity, what is the concept of Kettlebell Sport and be able to have a workshop where all can start the experience of to lift a Kettlebell.