The Half Marathon is a 30 minutes competition, developed during 10´s and accepted by many athletes as a way to achieve a different concept of performance, as a middle distance running performance, always with 1 Kettlebell with multi switch permission. It´s one of the best ways to start lifting on training and competition, the multi switch permission and only 1 kettlebell on hands allows the athlete to increase time on your set and achieve a great performance also to different goals.

On WKSF, the general regulation are applied also to this discipline with little and specific regulations. The competition has different Body Weight Categories with same disciplines for males and females, with:

– One Arm Long Cycle

– One Arm Jerk

– Snatch

On this discipline, doesn´t exit any Team Relay Race competition and usually in a Kettlebell Sport Discipline include on Classic 10´events.

Please, check the WKSF General Regulations for Kettlebell Sport and here the Half Marathon Regulations.