It´s WKSF vision: Keep Kettlebell Sport free from doping, make sure and WKSF duty to protect all lifters to secure the fair-lift between all lifters.

As a new organization, the WKSF is providing everything to be recognized from WADA and can have on next World Championship 2018 a medical and anti-doping control. Also, the WKSF will guaranty and protect each lifter subject with anti-doping control and will provide to all, the information of all anti-doping test.



As a new federation and WADA recognition, the WKSF Anti-Doping Commission will provide as many test as possible on every official WKSF Competitions, will try to provide at least a test to every 1st place in each category and discipline and as soon as possible to all medalist athletes.



Our Anti-Doping Commission has duty to announce to Disciplinary Commission and respecting all WKSF Rules after listening the athlete and the National Representative, will present in 30 days, the final decision.


World Anti-Doping Code

WKSF Anti-Doping Regulations

hGH Technical Method & Analyses

EPO Analytical Methods