During last month of November our President and Secretary General went to Tokyo – Japan to receive the credential of WKSF as official member of TAFISA and participate on TAFISA Congress / General Assembly as member and vote for future of this amazing organization.

TAFISA is an organization to promote physical activity, health and culture of all nations and non-Olympic sports . Trying to promote  a healthy lifestyle the TAFISA also work on inclusion of all people inside society by sport and culture. 

TAFISA promotes so well each event, has a great support of governments from all continents that organize a great number of events all over the World. Collaborate with “Smart Cities” (cities already organized Olympic Games) and every 4 years organize World Games or Continental Games, where more than 10.000 athletes present national cultures, dances, sports, traditional sports, etc… In 2020, the TAFISA WORLD GAMES will be organized in Portugal and WKSF works to be there with a great event.

During all week, it was possible to create a good network with other organizations and participate on meetings. Also, it was possible to talk with General Secretary of TAFISA (Mr. Bowman) and have a briefing with directors and president of “Instituto do Desporto e Juventude de Portugal” (IPDJ), the sport institute of Portugal that will take care of all organization of Games. As Mr. Eduardo Fonseca (WKSF Secretary General) is from Portugal, it was very easy to speak with and understand the way to bring Kettlebells to Lisbon and World Games.

After all week of meetings, briefings and General Assembly, our federation received confirmation that was accepted to bring our federation and our event to the TAFISA WORLD GAMES 2020.

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