Portugal received last days the 1st WKSF European Championships 2018. The Oporto City (Maia) received the event and more than 110 athletes from 17 countries.  Inside a Sport Complex of Maia City, organized by our Portuguese Official Member (Portugal Kettlebell Club), the venue included 5 platforms, a big background banner, a stage for awards ceremony all with a blue carpet, some souvenirs tents, a warm up area and a bar for all athletes, visitors and staff get some food and drinks.

The event, as already on World´s last June, the competition was broadcast all over the world by a Livestream Team and all competition was covered by a photographer.  On Open Ceremony all Members received souvenirs from our host and WKSF, some souvenirs were delivered from new members to our president and host, as all staff and judges received diplomas and souvenirs of gratitude as well.

Included on event (at end), our host scheduled an Open Event of 30 minutes competition to all new athletes and those wanted to challenge on a Half Marathon competition.

All awarded athletes  receive a diploma, medal and a small souvenir. At end of event, our host present all with a big cake a a good time for fraternization among all participants.

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