The WKSF, once again, worked in partnership with International Organizations. This time, the WKSF was present, as official member, at the 2nd TAFISA EUROPEAN FESTIVAL and TRADITIONAL GAMES 2022, hosted in Perugia in Italy, during 23 to 29 of September.

The WKSF delegation was hosted at one of the official Hotels of TAFISA and was able to be together with many other delegations with a very positive interaction between all. Countries, people, athletes, sports, games, childrens, ageds, retirees, disabled, all together to present each way to be healthy and active in life.

During the program, the WKSF was able to present the Kettlebells, the Kettlebell Sport in different spots. After the Opening Ceremony of all countries, on 1st day the WKSF was at the Perugia Stadium to show the Kettlebells to all other different sport and games. On 2nd day it was possible to be at the city center with all WKSF merchandising and some demos, on 3rd day we also were at the city center in a different spot and also we had one day to be at the TAFISA Forum where the WKSF by the hands of our president signed a partnership for Agenda 2030 to bring more healthy cities and also more actives.

It was an amazing experience!