WKSF Statement 06.03.2022

Statement of the WKSF Direction and Executive Committee

WKSF is very concern about conflict situation in Europe, with the armed invasion of Russia against Ukraine and supported by Republic of Belarus, the WKSF condemns the attack and would like to express the support to all Ukrainians suffering in this terrible moment.

The sport is one of the greatness of human being, how athletes overcome obstacles, the efforts to follow dreams, how do they overcome the nature elements, the water, the wind, some of them overcoming the fear or the Physics and the gravity, as all Kettlebell lifters.

As an international organization, the WKSF has more than 60 members working together to promote our sport, but also the WKSF values. The equality has no borders and the respect from each nation, culture, religion or race to step up on a platform and receive the respect from each adversary……..

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