Rzeszów was the city to host the WKSF European Championship 2022. Without any doubt, the best and well organized event of WKSF!

An amazing venue to receive all delegations, an amazing atmosphere with high-tech facilities to lift Kettlebells in a such amazing sport center. It was really fantastic!

The weather was also fantastic for those that never had the opportunity to see snow and feel the winter of East Europe. We believe that was a previlege to all that got this first experience. The competition went very well, with a fantastic Opening Ceremony with traditional demonstrations. 

At the 2nd main event of WKSF around the world, the WKSF had the 2nd partnership with a private laboratory to have 15 Anti-Doping Tests!

Great Work of all staff and a special thank you to Ms. Aneta and Mr. Andrzej Jodlowski, and all team!

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