The WKSF European Championship 2022 was a success! 

The organization of our Polish Member was amazing. New colours to receive the competition, an amazing venue with all conditions and also a great layout to bring a fantastic organization to each Commission. The Warm Up area was well limited to athletes and coaches, the Call Point to prepare the athletes, the amazing stage with well done platforms, the Awards Area with amazing colours, the thropies and medals were perfect and Secretary had all conditions to organize all documentation and bring the results in each day.

Before Check In of all delegations, in the venue, the WKSF brought an Official Judge Course and new judges joined the great team of official judges that worked hard in each day of this event.

The Check In and Weigh In  started at 5pm on first day and the amazing Opening Ceremony organized by our Polish Member was perfect, music, dance and traditional groups bringing a great athmosphere to start the event.

During all days the athmosphere was amazing, with delegations from Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Ukraine and USA and around 150 registrations. The weather and all snow involving the venue brought a special athmosphere to all.

Thanks to all participantes, all delegations and all our gratitude to Polish Team and Mr. Andrzej Jodlwoski and Aneta Prezepiora for this amazing organization.


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