WKSF at SportAccord World Sport & Business 2024

WKSF at SportAccord World Sport & Business 2024

During 5 days, the WKSF was represented by Eduardo Fonseca, the WKSF General Secretary, at the SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit 2024, at the West Midlands, Birmingham – UK.

The delegation arrived on 1st day and was very well received at the airport by many volunteers to share and help on any information requested. Arrived at the city center it was important to know the city and the event place.

On the second day, prepare the registration and entry at the event and know the Agenda (all registered had the possibility to download an event App to follow all daily events). During the 3rd day was open the Event Exhibition. With a very well organized event and exhibition, it was an opportunity to WKSF contact organizations and share many informations. Organizations as the International Masters Games Association was one of the organizations that WKSF share many informations trying to understand each important detail to help our category of Masters in the future. Sharing so important informations, it was an organization that WKSF will try to build a partnership and continue supporting our category of Masters. 

Another organization that the WKSF share and created a great network was the IWG – Women & Sport. During the 4th day it was possible to get a long conversation to understand better the organization, show the Mission, Values and Vision of the WKSF, present the WKSF Kettlebell Sport For All Project and bring so many important information to help our Commissions to work on the inclusion of all on our sport, youth women, masters women and also disable and continue helping our work on the women rights in many countries.

The event and the Sport Accord presented all with many ways of communication with a SpeakerCorner installed on the Exhibition where was possible to follow some presentations and invited guested of the event. Also, a strong wish of the event to present all sport and culture of the West Midlands allowed all participants to visit and know more of the region. Visiting the City Center and all culture and also a club football facilities was one of the “offers” during the event.

It was an amazing experience and it build strong foundations to WKSF continue working on our important projects of Inclusion and Women Rights. We believe that after the event, with hard work all our community of Kettlebell Sport will be stronger.