At 5th of November and during 5 days in the beautiful city of Dusseldorf (Germany), the TAFISA organized the 28th TAFISA World Congress 2023. The WKSF was present by the President Mr. Ilika and the Secretary General Mr. Fonseca. 

The Congress was composed by several tasks of Networking, splitted by themes, organizations categories and also some free to anyone participate. Also, many opportunities to create new connection with different organizations from all the world was one of the most important activities during the Congress. With 350 organizations from 70 countries and 65 speakers during the event, the WKSF was able to talk with new sport organizations, governmental bodies to share and understand better the global panorama of the sport.

On 1st day the WKSF participated at an International Federations Network where was able to share some of our concerns with the global war/conflict situations, the Africa support and the concerns to arrive near the governments to support our members and also share many information with the others IF to ask and understand how they can grow, the strategies and plans to continue developing the sport with all members.

The 2nd day was very important to the WKSF. It was dedicated to TAFISA explain so many important activities and help all TAFISA Members to understand the situation between Russia and TAFISA (as Russia was the organizer of the 8th TAFISA Sport For All Games 2024). It was important to understand the strategy plan of one of the most important organizations on sport & culture and now more about many important tasks the WKSF must also implement.

The Project SPORT FOR ALL was one of the main activities that the WKSF brought form the first days at the Congress, understand the importance to implement a Strategic Plan to develop the promotion and inclusion of our sport with the young athletes, masters and disables, as bring the community of each club, member and athletes to a better lifestyle with Kettlebells.

The next days were scheduled with several Network Meetings with people, friends and new friends that discuss with WKSF many important goals to be achieved as: WADA and Anti-Doping, Recognitions and Partnerships with International Sport Organizations and the recognition of our members as national federations or body governmental organizations. What the International Federation do? How the Members are recognized?

Also, understand the policies of all sport organizations was very important and a long journey, hard work and dedication is needed to continue achieving the high standards on our sport.