Wksf virtual open cup oceania 2021

Wksf virtual open cup oceania 2021

2021 WKSF Open Cup Oceania 2021 Oceania

WKSF Oceania Cup originally scheduled for Brisbane, Queensland on August 14 was unable to be reached by all athletes due travel restrictions of Oceania Region.

The main objective was to provide access of World Kettlebell Sport Federation standards to lift the quality of competitions in Oceania Region.

Girevoy Sport Australia Association coordinated online format that enabled simultaneous in-person lifting live at nine locations with 19 athletes including 15 women and 4 men across Australia & New Zealand supervised by GSAA Officials to obtain results submitted and verified by WKSF.

During competition we had 9 athletes achieving the Rank of Candidate Master of Sport. We had 3 achievements on 30´Half Marathon and 6 on Classic 10´. It was a great achievement for all this athletes giving all expectation to the future and have a great Australia National Team to next WKSF competitions.

Congratulations to all the athletes and organisers for their successes in these extraordinary conditions.

Cheryl Schneider
GSAA President
WKSF Official Member
Oceania Coordinator

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